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2015 Land Values Survey: Steady as She Goes

(March 2015)

Article: Wiregrass Land & Living 2014 (March 2014)

Article: Tosca Literary Magazine, “My Year with Marie” (October 2013)

Interviews & Guest Blogging:

Brevity: Find Your Question
Over Starbucks green tea, author Leslie Rubinkowski and I were talking about the merits of admitting how long you’ve been a writer of the relatively youngish genre of Creative Nonfiction. A fact generally used for building credibility can make you feel so old.

Shelf Awareness Book Brahmin
Oh, the questions they ask authors. From “on your nightstand now” to “the book you hid from your parents.” And this: “the book you’ve faked reading.” It’s what I get for spending my life telling other people’s true stories.

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