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Family History Remembrance
Family History Remembrance


The (plantation) book has turned out so well!!! The kids have not had a chance to read it yet but others who have, love it. I love it. (My husband) loves it!! Thank you soooo much. It’s amazing how you pulled it all together. Fantastic job!!!

I read the book on (the plantation) from cover to cover without putting it down. You did a wonderful job weaving the history, the family and the ethos that is (this plantation) into a very readable book that I found fascinating. All the more so since I knew most of the principal characters well.


Plantation family in the Red Hills Region

Book specs

58,000 words, hard cover version, published in 2018.


Quail hunting plantation owners and land stewards desired to document the history and memories made on the land for the benefit of future generations as a “volume three” to the first two volumes that the patriarch had completed before he passed.

Additional assignments

Land acquisition historical study; archiving project.

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