Encounters With Rikki: From Hurricane Katrina Rescue to Therapy Dog

By Kristen C.
January 26, 2016

One Little Mister

Rikki is a puppy during Hurricane Katrina, rescued by Chuck and Patty Mitchell, she becomes a rescue dog with an innate ability to tell who needs her help.The book recalls the stories of the people who were touched by Rikki, like Jeffery who had a stutter and was scared to read in class. He read to Rikki for a year and by the end of the year he was buzzing through books like a champ.

Another recounted story was of two girls who were going to court to face a man who had abused them. For hours they had to sit in the same room with him as the court proceeding was under way. They sat there with Rikki, who comforted them.

If you’re a dog lover and a fan of rescues, Encounters with Rikki: From Hurricane Katrina Rescue to Exceptional Therapy Dog is a must-read. The stories are heartbreaking and amazing all at be same time. I finally get to share my advance copy since the book published today.

This book is a must-read for adults, but I caution the content is not appropriate for younger kids. You definitely want to read the book and see if your kid can handle the stories before letting them read it.

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