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I’ve spent most of my life telling other people’s stories. It’s what drives me. Story is how I relate to the world. When Pulitzer-prize winning author Tom French speaks of storytelling, I finally feel understood. He says, “Stories are our defense against randomness. If the world is defined by the tension between order and chaos, then our lives unfold in perpetual countercurrents of meaning and meaninglessness. Stories keep us afloat in that whirlpool. They help us hang on. They calm us, inspire us, allow us to confront doubts and fears. They transport us into other lives and other experiences. They carry us into the past and help us imagine a future for ourselves and our children’s children. They allow us to trace the trajectory of basketball seasons, presidential campaigns, our own lives. They remind us that we’re not alone. When the world knocks us down, they show us how to get back up.”

Yes, story applies to every aspect of my life – personal relationships, vocation, recreation. It’s a privilege I take very seriously. I am grateful to have found this calling in my youth and to be surrounded by people who understand and give me room to practice my craft. That’s what this blog is about. Telling stories and what I’ve learned along the way.

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